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Healo Global, the brain child of Dr Muthukumar Subramanian, is a first of its kind Healthcare enterprise in our Country, which shall offer affordable & cost effective outpatient clinic services to children and patients with all lifestyle disorders.
Healo Global’s vision is to create multitude of clinics across various geographic locations.


Healo Global shall be offering consultations in the form of Consultations, Investigations & Diagnostics and Treatment various specialties, lab tests and medical treatment at a cost unheard of before in private healthcare industry.

Founder and Chairman

Dr. Muthukumar Subramanian, is an alumni of the prestigious Madras Medical College. MK has specialised in Pediatrics and Diabetology. Have lived and worked in many overseas countries.

Fondly called as MK by his peers and friends, MK is passionate about making an impact on existing healthcare system by facilitating simple and doable solutions.

MK has over 30 years of combined administrative & clinical experience, with international exposure; MK has worked in Canada and Malaysia; proficient in diversified skill sets covering administration, healthcare promotion, education and management, client relations & service, healthcare solutions with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Current Healthcare Scenario

From Rs. 86,000+ in 2015, the annualized per capita income in India has gone up to Rs.1,50,000+. For the past three years, the entire globe has to go through the Covid pandemic with tribulations and turmoil. Though we see a distinct rise in the per capita income, cost effective affordable high quality health care is still a distant dream for many Indians.


When a patient walks in to a private clinic/hospital for an outpatient consultation for an ailment to see a specialist, he or she has to pay a minimum of Rs.2000 to 3000, which shall include the following:
There is a huge gap in the service delivery between a public/Govt. entity and a private entity.

Why Healo Global?

Solution & Motto :

Healo Global is awaiting to serve you.

Please contact us for more information & appointments.

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